101 in 1001

As one of my first orders of business on this blog, I want to post my newly created 101 in 1001 list. I am SO excited about this. I love bucket lists. I also love feeling like I’m actually progressing towards something or achieving something. However, I am known for procrastinating. The idea behind the 101 in 1001 is that it’s somewhat like a bucket list and somewhat like a to-do list. It’s 101 things to be completed in 1001 days. This translates to roughly 2.75 years, which, if I am successful in this application cycle for medical school, will land me right at the summer between my second and third years. That’s pretty strange to think about.

The activities on the list can be large or small. I looked up a ton of lists while writing mine, and I could see a huge difference in difficulty from list to list. The key is not how difficult or easy some of the tasks are, it is that the items on the list really matter to the person who is writing it. I can happily say after editing my list for hours and hours that mine reflect my actual desires quite well. I really care about accomplishing each of these things. I hope to inspire others to make lists, like other bloggers have inspired me. If I do, I hope I inspire others to make lists that really matter to them. It doesn’t matter what someone else would put on their list or what other people think of the items. All that matters is that the writer is happy with the list and, ideally, that all the items are doable as well.

The more I consider my future, the more I realize that I want to live an active life. I want to experience new places and cultures. I want to try new things. I want to maximize my time and really enjoy every second as much as possible. I also want to do good things for other people and to learn to love and accept myself fully. This is a tall order, I know, but I think everyone is capable of doing all of these things with the right mindset and right amount of effort. I’m hoping this list will help push me to do all of these things. Well, without further ado, here’s the list. Wish me luck!

Note: Italicized is in progress and bold is completed.

101 in 1001:

  1. Start a blog (where I’m not anonymous)
  2. Get into medical school
  3. Read 143 books
  4. Be able to identify all of the countries of the world on a map
  5. Learn a new vocabulary word every day (2/1001)
  6. Take a cooking class
  7. Get my resume looked at by someone professionally
  8. Get involved in a research project I care about
  9. Have 5 publications (3 are already written, I just need to edit and get them published!)
  10. Get my two degrees
  11. Go to a conference
  12. Learn self defense
  13. Become certified in CPR
  14. Make a list of 10 basic survival skills and learn them
  15. Learn basic car maintenance skills
  16. Learn to speak conversational French (I’m halfway there already)
  17. Run 10 races, at least one being a half marathon (Registered for the Jingle Bell Run on 12/1/13)
  18. Do a color run
  19. Run with RuffTail Runners 31 times
  20. Run a mile in 8 minutes
  21. Be able to do 100 push ups
  22. Take a rock climbing class/learn to rock climb (Registered for class 10/15/13 and 10/17/13)
  23. Establish a regular yoga routine
  24. Find out my blood type (and get proof of it)
  25. Keep a journal (even a line-a-day journal) for the entire 1001 days (2/1001)
  26. Make a list of 25 important health, wellness, and eco/”green” habits and adopt them all
  27. Make a daily routine and self-care plan and stick to it (mostly) for a whole year
  28. Go surfing
  29. Buy a bicycle
  30. Take a dance class (Zumba, ballroom dancing, something!)
  31. Meditate daily for six months
  32. Get a juicer and use it!
  33. Try acupuncture
  34. Volunteer regularly for a year for something NOT medically related
  35. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  36. Perform 143 anonymous random acts of kindness (1 per week)
  37. Volunteer abroad
  38. Donate $25 to a different charity each month
  39. Join Postcrossing and send 33 post cards (1 per month)
  40. Participate in 10 charitable events
  41. Go to the farmer’s market 10x
  42. Donate blood
  43. Travel to South America
  44. Take a decently long trip to Europe after graduation
  45. Celebrate something in Las Vegas
  46. See 5 UNESCO world heritage sites
  47. Create a 10 in Texas list and complete it
  48. Organize my finances
  49. Throw away 101 things
  50. Find a Podcast I like and listen to it every week for 52 weeks
  51. Become a minimalist
  52. Inbox at zero
  53. Make a list of 10 classic/”all-time best” movies to watch and watch them
  54. Watch every Academy Award “Best Picture” winning movie since the year I was born
  55. Watch 10 foreign movies
  56. Watch 10 documentaries
  57. Listen to 143 CDs from start to finish (1 per week)
  58. Rescue a pup
  59. Choose five small things I can do to improve relationships with family members, friends, and D and DO THEM!
  60. Make peace with anyone that I need to make peace with
  61. Have a strong support network of 5 friends I see/speak with weekly (at least)
  62. Go on 33 quality dates with D (1 per month)
  63. Get a family portrait taken professionally
  64. Do 101 nice gestures for family, friends, and D
  65. Research my family tree
  66. Establish a weekly happy hour with a group of people
  67. Attend church/watch the church service for 52 consecutive weeks
  68. Memorize 143 verses (1 per week)
  69. Read the entire Bible
  70. Join a bible study group
  71. Go to a service for a different religion
  72. Make a short Austin bucket list and complete all of the items
  73. Move to a new city and make a bucket list for that city (complete at least one item per month after moving)
  74. Go to a Geeks who Drink event
  75. Attend 10 Festivals (Austin City Limits 2013)
  76. Go to a comedy show
  77. Go to 33 fine arts events (concerts, plays, musicals, poetry slams, etc.) (1 per month) (Austin City Limits 2013, The Book of Mormon 10/8/13)
  78. Go to Comic-Con in San Diego
  79. Cook 143 recipes (1 per week)
  80. Paint something
  81. Make/do 25 things off of Pinterest
  82. Play 33 songs on the piano (1 per month)
  83. Do a photo a day project for a year and then make a coffee table book out of it
  84. Go to a wine tasting
  85. Go horseback riding
  86. Go to an actual spa for a spa day
  87. Go camping
  88. Go on 5 memorable hikes
  89. Visit 10 museums (don’t have to be new to me)
  90. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  91. Watch the sunset then stay up all night and watch the sunrise
  92. Do an “activities” advent calendar for Christmas
  93. Do 10 fun activities for holidays other than Christmas
  94. Make a list and take photos of my 40 favorite places on the 40 acres
  95. Get a tattoo
  96. Get a subscription to Songlines
  97. Buy coffee from 50 different places (7/50) (Epoch, JP’s Java, JGB Cafe in student center, Jester Java, the Union Starbucks, Starbucks in the white house on 24th, Gates Computer Science Complex)
  98. Invest in some nice luggage
  99. Get bracelet fixed, necklace fixed, and watch battery replaced & watch/bracelet cleaned then create my “everyday” bracelet/watch stack
  100. Complete 100 of the steps from the book Adulting
  101. Create an inspiration board

What would be on your list?